Purpose for Service and Discipleship:

Our Lord gives us gifts and abilities and He gives us each other to help us become more like Him as we serve each other and the world through the church. The goal of our ministering to one another therefore is for:

  • Equipping each other for the work God calls us to do
  • Building and strengthening the body of Christ, His Church
  • Growing towards Christlikeness as we mature in our faith

We serve what we worship and we worship what we serve, therefore service is a reflection of our love and worship of our Savior. It is a key component in keeping each member and the church healthy, strong and growing.

There are many opportunities to serve and disciple and grow at Calvary and we recognize all of us are on different time schedules and have different needs in the differing stages of our lives. So we look to be able to serve and love one another through various opportunities and at various times. Hereafter is a summary of the primary areas of service and discipleship at Calvary. Please contact any of the pastors or staff in regards to the area you are gifted in to help or serve or need assistance with or if there is another area of need or giftedness you wish to share or assist in. 


Opportunities for Service and Discipleship:

Compassionate Carefinancial counseling and assistance, transportation, visitation, job search, repairs, prayer    

Local & Global OutreachTestifying to the Good News of Christ locally, globally (missions) and through special annual events

Men’s MinistriesSaturday morning weekly prayer, monthly breakfast and special events 

Women’s MinistriesBible studies, event coordination, special events, weekly prayer

Equipping USunday morning adult education focused on individual change and growth toward Christlikeness

Community Groups – Learning and serving and building one another up in the smaller setting

Children’s Ministries – Sunday morning, evening, Wednesday evenings and annual events for discipling our kids

AWANA / Vacation Bible School

Youth Ministries – Sunday morning and evening biblical learning and activities to strengthen our walk and impact

Young Adults – Tuesday evening and special events and activities for growing and serving together

Facilities Planning & Stewardship – Leveraging and caring for the physical properties we are entrusted with

Financial Stewardship – Managing the budget and finances as a responsible stewardship of what we are given

Hospitality – Greeting, ushering and fellowshipping in a safe and secure environment

Worship Arts – Engaging your musical and Audio Visual talents for Sunday worship and beyond

Education Ministry – K-12  education serving from two campuses

Administration – Office assistance, word processing, general weekly assistance