Fight! - How Sin Works

Fight! - How Sin Works Sermon Notes

Through this series “Fight!” we are going to create a tactical spiritual warfare battle plan to win the battle for our souls. Make no mistake, there is a spiritual battle going on and you are in it. The wins and losses of these spiritual battles all have consequences, some of which are awful, unchangeable and eternal. At the core, our battle is against one foe, one enemy: sin. Sin is the enemy that lurks in the heart of every person. It is our personal enemy and it is not a tame one. For the next three weeks we are going to learn how to fight this enemy. This first message is going to look at the destructiveness of sin and how sin works, then we will end with the first weapon of fighting sin. Thank you for joining us in this series. We pray and believe that this message will help you to fight and win the battle against sin.