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The Message of the Church

Calvary Baptist Church

The Church @ Hamilton

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Pastor Paul Davis


What an amazing week of Vacation Bible School! This week, as we were teaching The Gospel, we summarized the entire story of the Bible into 5 truths. Every one of these truths are powerful and fascinating:

Truth #1: God is the creator and ruler of the universe (Genesis 1:1, 26)

We find in the Bible that the Holy God of the Bible created a perfect world.

Truth #2: We sinned (Genesis 3; Romans 5:12)

This is where it gets awkward... The humans that were created in the image of God rebelled against Him.

Truth #3: God provided a way of forgiveness, rescue, salvation, and hope: Jesus Christ (John 3:16-17; Ephesians 2:8-9).

Jesus' birth was miraculous. Jesus' life was unique. He walked this earth for 33 years, teaching, healing, loving, and performing miracles. He never sinned. He literally lived a perfect life. He is the perfect solution to our sin problem.

Truth #4: Jesus willingly, obediently, and unselfishly died on the cross to pay for the sins of mankind (1 Peter 3:18; Isaiah 53; 1 John 2:2; Romans 3:25)

This would have been a tragedy if we did not know two things: 1. Jesus signed up for it; 2. Jesus had the power to overcome it (He rose from the dead after three days).

"People are made right with God when they believe that Jesus sacrificed his life, shedding his blood." - Romans 3:25

Truth #5: God wants you to be a part of His story to worship Him, serve Him, and enjoy a relationship with Him. We must respond. (Ephesians 2:8-9; John 14:6)

It will take believing God is who He says He is and has done what He has said He has done. It will also take buying into the fact that your sins and your disobedience to God have put you in a place where you need a Savior.


You must put your faith in Jesus and His power alone. No one can force you to believe...you either believe these 5 truths or you don't. Those who desire to believe have this singular thought running through their heads: "I've sinned...I need the forgiveness that Jesus provides."

If you are convinced that God created you for more than you are experiencing right now...

If you are persuaded that you are a sinner and that sin has and will continue to wreck your life...

If you believe that Jesus is God's Son and that He died to pay for your sins... 

Don't you want to trust Him right now? Pray this prayer of faith:

"God, I have sinned my whole life. I could never stand in front of your holiness, but I am looking to Your Son, Jesus. I understand and believe that His death on the cross paid for my sins. God, I am turning from my sin to my only hope: Jesus. I trust Him to be my salvation, my hope, and to give me eternal life."