Discipleship Bootcamp: The Art of Spiritual Warfare

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We are in a fight. It is a battle for the possession of the human soul –  the souls of our children, our families and friends, even our enemies. Spiritual warfare is the common experience of every disciple, and God has prepared and equipped His disciples with every spiritual weapon for success. Listen to this week's sermon on The Art of Spiritual Warfare as we wrap up our Discipleship Bootcamp series.

Discipleship Bootcamp: (RE)new Our Mind

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We have a lot of words for it: we call it sin, wrong, missing the mark, disobedience, treason, selfishness, rebellion, immorality, or even insanity. This sermon today is designed to give us a set of tools, biblical tools, to deal with the sin entrenched in our hearts and minds. We pray this sermon will be a blessing to you! 

Discipleship Bootcamp: Effective & Defective Prayer

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Sermon Notes: Discipleship Bootcamp: Effective & Defective Prayer

Does God always hear us? Does He always consider your prayers? Would you like to know if God always hears you? Before we answer that question, we must first turn to a more fundamental question--what is prayer?

Discipleship Bootcamp: The Philippians 2 Shift

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Sometimes we can have the wrong attitude about the Church. We can have misconceptions and misunderstandings. Join us today as we take a look at what the Apostle Paul writes in Philippians 2 and how it can shift our attitudes.

Discipleship Bootcamp: Our Mission

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What is the mission of the church? What are we called to do as a church? How can we bear fruit together? Pastor Paul preaches on these questions and offers six valuable and tangible ways that we can bear fruit together as the Body of Christ.

Discipleship Bootcamp: The Church as a Family

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Sermon Notes: Discipleship Bootcamp: The Church as a Family

What is the Body of Christ? What is her purpose? Why is the Church so important to Jesus? What is my role in the Church? And even how should I choose a church? All of these are important questions to answer. Join us today as we continue our Discipleship Bootcamp!

Discipleship Bootcamp: The Holy Spirit

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The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He is powerful and active. He is our Helper. During this sermon, Pastor Paul will take us through a few different passages of Scripture to help us gain a greater understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit. We pray this sermon will be a blessing and encouragement to you.

Discipleship Bootcamp: The Word of God

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Listen in as Pastor Paul leads us through six essentials we must know about the Bible and five ways we can use the Bible in our daily lives. This message will certainly bless your life. We pray that it will increase in you a desire to know God's Word and use it in your every day life.

Discipleship Bootcamp: Theology Proper

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Sermon Notes: Theology Proper

God has commanded all disciples to engage in discipleship. It is what he has called and equipped us to do (Matt 28:18-20). Your mission here on this earthregardless of your race, gender, or socioeconomic statusis to disciples others. Do you know how to do that? Evangelism isn’t enough; leading someone in a prayer of faith is not God’s ultimate goal. Our mission is not about winning souls; it’s about building faithful, committed worshippers of God! That takes discipleship. True discipleship grows us and redirects our affections away from self and sin towards God.

A Call To Discipleship

Jesus summed up discipleship in a10-word sentence in Matthew 4:19.  Turn with me there.
“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
Over the next few weeks, Calvary is going to be very different.  New Equipping U classes, two services, and new kids zone. Why? Why make all these changes? It is because of this verse.  I know you have heard me talk about this verse before, but there are three elements of disciple-making found in the verse that are driving our church to make these changes.  Let’s explore them together.

A Call to Discipleship