Jesus Shaped Living: At Home and At Work


Joseph Parker once said that, “Real Christianity is both a doctrine and a life.” In other words, what you believe, and how you behave are not meant to be at odds with one another. You see, over the last 11 weeks we’ve been studying the book of Colossians. And shown to us is the pages of this small letter is the supremacy of Christ in all the universe. Jesus is…

             The one through whom everything was created, seen and unseen.

            The one that holds everything together.

            The one who has accomplished redemption and reconciliation through his blood.

            And the one who is your life, provided you come to saving faith in Him.

 These are truths not to be believed only, but lived. Because when a person comes to know these truths there should be a radical transformation. So far, Paul has applied these truths in some general ways. The fact that we need to put off remaining sin and put on instead certain qualities. But in the verses we just read, Paul gets more specific. And he gets much more personal. He takes the supremacy of Christ and applies it to marriage, family, and work. And I would submit to you, that these areas are perhaps the greatest barometer of how we are doing when it comes to living out the gospel.

 Something to think about this morning: Is Jesus supreme in my home? Does the supremacy of Christ give shape to my marriage and how I parent? Is Jesus supreme in job? Does the supremacy of Christ give shape to how I perform at work and how I relate to my employer?

 Last week’s passage ended like this: “Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” And when Paul said everything, he actually meant everything. Which is why Paul takes the next step to show us in this passage that we must bring all of life -  every sphere of our lives, every moment of our lives under the Lordship of Christ. Seven times in nine verses Paul references the Lordship of Christ. He should motivate everything in our lives. No sphere of the Christian’s life goes untouched by the influence of Jesus.

 A Not So Easy Text

I think we should begin, however, by acknowledging the fact that these verses don’t sit well with our modern social structures, especially as it pertains to marriage, gender, and the home. Whether or not you agree with every aspect of the #MeToo movement, you have to acknowledge the fact that our society needs to grapple with the abuse of power. In fact, many outside the Christian faith would say that these verses in Colossians 3 are supportive of the abuses of male authority. Not surprisingly, one professor at Harvard Divinity School calls these “texts promoting patriarchal violence.” But if that’s your understanding of these verses, then you haven’t really come to understand them as God intended for them.