Jesus is Everything

Jesus is Everything

I have a singular goal this morning. My aim is that you would walk away from this passage with a much greater sense of the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ than when you walked in this morning. Those two are inextricably linked together. We cannot come to the place where we realize Jesus is all that we need, unless we have a grasp on his supreme worth. And if we grasp his supreme worth, even in part, the natural response is to say, “Jesus is everything.”

 Now, we need to keep in mind that you and I cannot make Christ anything. He is what God has declared him to be. Christ is Lord. He is the center. We often make statements such as, “I made Christ the Lord of my life.” I know what is meant, and I’m not trying to play semantic games or say that is completely wrong. But the reality is that we cannot make Christ anything, much less what God has already declared him to be. And so the question is not what I make Christ, the question is will I rearrange my life around the reality of his supremacy? Will I give him first in everything.

 Our passage that was just read is undoubtedly one of the most important passages about the person of Christ in all of Scripture. Some argue that it was an ancient hymn. Some say it wasn’t. Either way, we should respond with greater worship.

 When Paul wrote to the church at Colossae they were faced with a question: Will they believe that Jesus is something or that he is everything? That was a question they had to answer because false teaching had made its way into their midst. Now we don’t know the exact nature of the false teaching. We can only gather so much from the text. But one thing seems to be clear: whatever this false teaching was, it put Christ on the periphery. They were taking the focus off of Christ and placing it on something else that promised to give them a deeper, more meaningful experience. And if we’re not careful to constantly giving our minds over to the glorious realities of Christ, we too will put Christ off to the periphery in our lives.

 What we need is glimpse of his supremacy. The only way to live a consistently Christ-shaped life is if we ponder his supremacy. Want to send our time, lingering on His supremacy with the goal that we would combat our fallen tendency to try and push Christ to the side.