Joshua: It's Time to Make a Decision

It's Time to Make a Decision sermon manuscript

Joshua: It's Time to Make a Decision

Passage: Joshua 24:1-33

February 11, 2018

Pastor Ben Marshall


In the beginning of this chapter, Joshua gathered the whole nation together to remember what God had done. Remembrance was something they took very seriously. This entire section depicts God’s gracious provision for his people. He was always with them and always worked on their behalf. God’s grace was at work in the life of Abraham before he was even born. 

As they examined the faithful work of God on their behalf, Joshua charged the people of Israel to be faithful in serving God. He reminded them of the gods their ancestors had served and called them to serve the LORD exclusively. Joshua led by example. He determined he and his household would follow God no matter what anyone else did. He pre-decided he was going to follow God no matter what.

God is holy and God is jealous. He is holy, set apart, in His character and nature. We see God’s holiness revealed in many places throughout Scripture. God as a jealous God is sometimes hard to wrap our heads around. God’s jealousy is in the reality that he would not accept any competition for his people’s loyalties. He didn’t want someone half in and half out, undecided. He wanted sold out, wholly devoted followers. That’s what we seek to be here at Calvary. Our mission, which we’ll talk more about next week, is not to half-heartedly pursue God, but to passionately, that is, fully and wholly, pursue God.

We must, just as the Israelites, count the cost of following God (Luke 14:25-33). If you aren’t willing to go all in then don’t go in at all. We can’t experience the newness of life, joy, peace, the fullness of life, forgiveness of sins and all God has to offer if we straddle the line and, sort of, halfway, follow God and His Word.

The people were adamant in their desire to follow God. It is refreshing to see! They had a decision to make and they, based on experience and encounter with God, chose to follow God.

Joshua called them to make a covenant, to be certain of their decision, to count the cost. This was not a simple declaration of service, but a transformation in their lifestyle, worldview, and primary pursuit in life. Following God alone changes everything.

What about you? Joshua gave that call to the people – choose this day whom you will serve. I want to make that same call and ask the question: Whom will you serve this day? Yourself? Or God?

You get to decide. That’s the reality of the love of God and the freedom He offers. He won’t make you. He wants all of you to be all in for Him, but He won’t force you. In love there is a choice to be made. 

Which decision will you make today?