Fight! - A Battle Plan, Part 2

The title of this short series is “Fight!” and we have been creating a tactical spiritual warfare battle plan for fighting sin. We talked about the destructiveness of sin and found that sin is not content to lie dormant in our souls. It wants to reign like a king (Romans 5:21) and have dominion over us (Romans 6:14). Last week we turned our attention to the fight. How do you fight sin? We were given five weapons in the fight:

  1. Savor the beauty and splendor of our God.
  2. Appreciate that God’s laws are meant to protect that which is precious, not to deny our happiness.
  3. Pray for deliverance from sin.
  4. Get in a group where you are regularly encouraged in your fight.
  5. Sabbath well.

The reason we need these weapons is because, like it or not, we must do battle with temptation every single day. All of us are in a fight. We are either fighting God, in an attempt to enjoy and hold onto our sin, or we are fighting temptation because we love and are loved by Jesus. Which fight are you in this morning? This message finishes up our series by giving you three more weapons and closes with one final tactic to help us be victorious in the fight.