The Song of Moses

Imagine that it is early morning, approximately 3500 years ago. You are in the middle of two million men, women and children and there are animals everywhere—sheep, goats, cattle. Everyone is physically exhausted because they just walked all night long across the Red Sea. They are emotionally exhausted because for days they were frightened of Pharaoh’s army. But this morning the fear is gone. Terror of the Egyptian army floats away like the debris from lifeless Egyptian soldiers floats in the surf. YHWH drowned the entire army. Thousands of Egyptians, horses and chariots now lie at the bottom of the sea. As you listen to the waves crash on the shore, you hear someone softly begin to sing. It is a new song, with a tune you have never heard.... Listen with us as we go through the song of Moses. We pray this will be an encouragement to you today!