SoulShift: A Family SoulShift (Part 2 of 3)


Way back in February we began a series from the book of Ephesians, Chapters 4-6! We gave the series the title "SoulShift" because these three chapters call believers in Jesus Christ to make profound life changes:  

  • Changes in the way we interact with others.  We are to treat others with humility, patience, and love; tell the truth; be angry without sin; work in order to give; and be kind, tenderhearted, and forgiving.
  • Changes in how we use our gifts in ministry to others.
  • Changes in our marriage relationship.  Our last sermon focused specifically on wives. Guess who we will focus on today, guys?!

 The purpose of this series has been to give us an extended lesson on how to spiritually make the shift from a person of the world filled with anger, hatred, lust and sin, to a faith-filled, pure, and humble child of the King.

SoulShift: A Family SoulShift Part 2 of 3