The Nativity

The big question that is always on my mind during the Christmas season is, “How do you tell the Christmas story in a way that is clear, captivating, and enlightening, while keeping it fresh for those who have heard it many times?”

It is the greatest story that has ever been told!
Then, I came across I Tim 4:13 again, where Paul exhorts his young apprentice, “Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching.”
“Devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture.”  I thought to myself, “Could it be that simple? Could we just read the Christmas story this morning?”  So I went to work compiling the story, using five passages from four different books of the Bible.  I have chosen the New Living Translation because of its readability and because it will sound fresh to some of you who know the story well.
What you will hear is 100% Scripture with no commentary.  These are God’s words, not mine. All I have done is pulled together everything about Jesus’ birth, and ordered it in a logical way.


Christmas 2013