Journey Through John: Appearances

 Last week we saw the moment when John believed in Jesus.  Looking into the empty tomb all the Scriptures and Jesus words began to make sense and he believed.  He believed even before seeing the risen Christ!  All it took for John was for him to see the folded grave clothes and he knew Jesus was alive.  

 John wrote this book because he wanted us to know Jesus like he knew Jesus.  He wants us - every one of us - who dared to read his story to believe and trust in Jesus.  When we left off last week, Peter, Mary and John all knew that Jesus was gone but no one had seen him yet.  Let’s pick up the story.

 Mary is sitting in the shadow of a cliff outside the tomb weeping.  The tomb was a narrow chamber cut through the soft limestone rock that Jerusalem was built on.  Usually tombs like these had a low entrance that opened into a small chamber from which the burial chambers radiated.  Some were cut to contain only one body; others were rooms in which a family might be buried.  This tomb seems to have been large enough to accommodate several living persons in addition to the burial cells.

Journey Through John: Appearance