Second Chances: Jonah & God's Hesed

Last week, we began to celebrate the God of second chances.  We are specifically celebrating that part of God’s character through which he shows himself generous, compassionate, loving and kind, shielding us from his wrath, forgiving us, and giving us what we need to live and grow in faith and obedience.
We learned a new word last week, the word “hesed.”  Hesed is one of the key descriptors of God in the Old Testament.  The word speaks of a completely undeserved kindness and generosity done by a person who is in a position of power.  This was the Israelites’ experience of God.  He revealed himself to them when they were not looking for him, and he kept his covenant with them long after their persistent breaking of it had destroyed any reason for his continued keeping of it.  …Unlike humans, God was not fickle, undependable, self-serving, and grasping.  Instead, he was faithful, true, upright, and generous—always.

Second Chances: Jonah & God's Hesed 2