Easter Message

When I was growing up the church always made a big deal about Easter and for a long time I wondered why.

Growing up, Easter at my Grandpas’ house was a big deal. Everyone got dressed up, a big breakfast was followed by going to my grandparent’s church. I would watch my grandmother sing in the choir, I would help my grandfather video tape the service and meet lots of old people who seemed really glad to meet me. It was awkward, a little frightening and the church always smelled funny from all the Easter lilies. I knew everyone was making a big deal about something but I did not quite pick up on what exactly…

After church things got way better. We would eat a big Sunday dinner, I loved my grandmother’s cooking and then my cousins and I would look for Easter candy in the back yard. It was fun. I have lot’s of great memories…

It was a big deal and maybe I wasn’t listening closely… But I never picked up on why?

That is what I want to discuss this morning. Why is the Resurrection important?


Easter Message