Journey Through John: Glory Stealers

There is a French phrase “Raison d’être” that means “reason for existence” Philosophers use this phrase when they want to discuss about what people live for.  Your raison d’être is what drives and motivates you.  It is the compass that gives direction to all of your decisions… Have you given thought to your raison d’être?  What do you live for?  Do you have an ultimate, glorious, dreamy goal?

Jesus did. Let’s look at John 12:27–43

The passage we are in this morning comes just after Jesus entered Jerusalem in what is called the “Triumphal Entry.”  It is what we typically celebrate on Palm Sunday.  Jesus enters Jerusalem with thousands of people shouting with branches of palm trees “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, even the King of Israel!”

The crowd is all around him shouting his name, praising him, cheering him on to become the king of Israel. It is a great passage… That I preached a message from last Palm Sunday, so I am going to skip verse 8-26 you can get my sermon online if you want to follow along. (Jesus Goes to Jerusalem -John 12:12-26 4/1/12)

This morning we are going to jump into verse 27.  This is a key passage in John, what I hope you will see by the end of our time together is that God has a very clear purpose and plan for your life.

Journey Through John: Glory Stealers