Genesis: Beginnings - The Consequences

Last week, we walked through the fall of mankind.  We watched as Eve and then Adam directly disobeyed their creator and ate from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  It was easy for us to spot how their temptation is similar to how we are tempted today.

Satan first tempted them by getting them to question, “What is true?”  God had said they would die if they ate from the tree.  Satan said, “You will not die.”  Eve doubted God’s word and chose to test his truthfulness.

Satan then tempted Eve with the question, “What is right?”  God, her creator, had told her what to do and what not to do.  She was taught what was right.  But the serpent suggested that it was right to eat of the fruit.  In the end, Eve trusted her own evaluation of right and wrong instead of allowing God’s words to define right and wrong.

The third way the serpent tempted Eve was to get her to question,Who am I?”  She was a creation of God made to fellowship with and worship Him.  Satan suggested that instead of being a creation she could be “like” God, making herself equal with God.[1]

What is true?  What is right?  Who am I?  These are fundamental questions that our culture is discussing every day.  Our children and young people struggle to know who they are and why they are here.  Our culture is scrambling to find out what is true and what is right.

Genesis will very clearly show us that God’s words are what is true, God’s ways are what is right and that the creator God is the one who gets to define being.

[1]   Gruedem, Wayne Systematic Theology, Zondervan, Grand Rapids MI, pg.  493.

Genesis: Beginnings - The Consequences