Genesis: Beginnings - The Fall

We will be stepping into murky water - Genesis 3, the downfall of mankind.

Our story actually begins in the last verse of Genesis 2(Genesis 2:25, please turn there).  God is finished with his creation.  It is all “very good.”  The pinnacle of his creation, man, is in the garden made for him.  According to Gen 2:9, in the middle of the garden are two trees.  The “Tree of Life” and the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

In Hebrew, the tree of the knowledge of “towb” and “rah”

Towb= That which is good, happy, prosperous, wealthy, beneficial

Rah=That which is evil, hurtful, afflicting, misery, unkind, malignant

One tree gives life and the other tree, forbidden by God, brings a dangerous experiential knowledge, the knowledge of that which is good but also that which is malignant, hurtful and evil.  Let’s begin in Genesis 2:25, it’s the verse just before chapter 3.

25 And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.

Now I may be a little weird but when I read this, I immediately get a picture in my head of a young innocent looking couple wandering around a beautiful garden in the buff… and that may be happening.

But the Hebrew for naked means much more than unclothed.  It has the idea of being completely exposed or laid bare, nothing hidden, deceitful, or lied about.  The word literally means uncovered.  The idea is that everything about Adam and Eve was out there for everyone to see and they were not ashamed.  There was nothing shameful about them.  They were pure, holy, made in the image and likeness of God, without sin.  They were not ashamed because there was nothing to be ashamed about.

Genesis: Beginnings - The Fall