Haggai Project Update


If you have been around Calvary for the last few years, you have heard about the “Haggai Project”. This has been an effort to upgrade various aspects of our facility. Some of that work has already been accomplished, but the largest aspect is about to begin. We are now ready to start the remodeling of our church auditorium.

This project will obviously mean some shifting around in our programs while we step out of our auditorium space. We will be asking everyone to remain flexible during this construction period. Here is what you can expect to see happen as we know it now.

We will continue to meet in the auditorium during the month of December with one adjustment. Another church in Michigan who is remodeling their auditorium is purchasing roughly half of our current pews. They will be picking these up at the start of December and we will be replacing them with chairs from the balcony for the remainder of the month. We will continue to look for a new home for the rest of our church pews. In fact, if you are interested in some pews, or know someone who is, be sure to contact one of the church staff to get them reserved.

January is when the real change will take place. On Tuesday, January 2nd, we will close off the auditorium as we start the remodeling. This will have a ripple effect on our church programs for roughly the next six weeks. The biggest impact will be felt on Sunday mornings. We will be moving the morning service down the hall to the Ministry Center. This will involve pulling chairs from various locations in our building and doing a reset every weekend. To make this operation as smooth as possible, we are moving to a single hour format for this time period. This means that all children’s and adult classes will go on hiatus and there will be no programming for the 9:00 hour (the teens will be doing a creative gathering during these weeks). The morning service will start at 10:30 as usual along with the normal 2nd-hour children’s ministries. Once the morning service is over, we will be asking you to help us clear and/or reset the room for activities planned that week.

Here is one disadvantage we already see with this arrangement. Making connections with other people is hugely important in the life of any church and during this time period that will become more of a challenge than normal. Help us to alleviate that by taking some personal initiative. Specifically, we want you to do more partying during the first of the year. Plan a night (or even several nights) when you will invite some people from church to come over to your house for a party. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just a fun time to get to know people better. Don’t simply invite your long-term friends, ask some people you don’t know well to join you for the evening.

Now I know what some of you are going to say. “I don’t have a big enough or nice enough or clean enough house for this.” Or, “What if nobody ever invites me to their party?” Here is my answer. I am going to have a party every Sunday night at church during this time period, and you are invited to come whenever you want. Every Sunday night at 5:30 in the café I will be having dessert, and I would enjoy the chance to get to know you!

Now you know the basics of what is happening. If you would like any more detail, feel free to ask any of the church staff. Thanks in advance for your flexibility and positive spirit during this remodeling period.

Dean Parham – Executive Pastor

December, 2017