Welcome to the Team!

Calvary and The Church at Hamilton Family,

It is our desire through this transition to communicate well and clearly. There will be many decisions to make, changes that will come, and opportunities for miscommunication. This blog is going to be the hub for new information and communication during the search process. With that in mind we would like to tell you about a new member coming on board with us.

A couple months back when Pastor Ed and Tina transitioned to serving in Israel, we began a search for a new Executive Pastor. Our Leadership Council met in September and approved a candidate that our staff and pastors have since offered the job to. 

We would like to welcome Pastor Dean Parham to our pastoral team! Dean is coming on staff as our Executive Pastor. The plan is to formally call him to the role and commission him through the laying on of hands during the service on November 12. In the meantime, you are sure to see Dean and his wife Linda walking around the halls at Calvary and The Church @ Hamilton. Extend a hand of greeting and take some time to get to know Dean and his family.

Learn more about Pastor Dean and his wife Linda.