Men, join us as we meet to pray
on Saturdays at 7:30 a.m. each week.

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We are currently in our summer break from this monthly ministry, but below you can find out more as we resume later this year!

If you are a guy who is old enough to shave, you are invited to lock arms with other guys and be a part of Man2Man.

The challenge is to live a life on mission.

The call is to be real men of God.

The curriculum is the Word of God.

The cause is Jesus Christ.

We need better men, your wife needs a better husband, your kids need a better dad, your church needs better leaders. So let's stop messing around and learn what it means to serve, sacrifice, and suffer like a man.

Meet in the ministry center at 7:30am, and bring a Bible, notebook, pen, and a big appetite.