I Want to Join a Community Group!

Groups Meet October - May

So what is a Community Group anyway? 

Community Groups are a place where you can grow spiritually in community with other believers (Romans 12:11-13).  This growth happens when you challenge others and allow them to challenge your walk of faith.  In a Community Group you’ll experience encouragement, help and accountability in your spiritual walk.


What should I expect when I become a part of a Community Group?

Just like people, each Community Group is different and has a personality of its own.  During a 1 ½ to 2 hour meeting some of the things you can expect are food, conversation, prayer, laughter, discussion of Biblical truths to help you grow to be more like Christ and service to others.

There may also be get-togethers like backyard barbecues, birthday parties, helping someone move, helping someone with yardwork, meeting for coffee, hospital visits, etc.


Why are Community Groups important?

Many things that happen in life are difficult to understand on our own but when we have a group of trusted friends to share with, those difficulties can be easier to comprehend and accept.  In a Community Group you’ll be able to glean from the wisdom and experience of others or maybe you’ll be the one who is an encouragement to someone else going through a difficult time!  God could use you as a source of encouragement for someone else!


Life is already busy, why should I be involved in a Community Group?

Busy people and full schedules quite often lead to an inner emptiness and a feeling of being disconnected.   A Community Group is a place where you can feel like you belong and a place where you can slow down a little and be reminded of the things that are important in life.

Meeting with a Community Group shouldn’t be just another event on the calendar but a place where you can go to be refreshed and challenged – an oasis in the desert.


How can I get involved with a Community Group?

If you would like to join a join a group, we would love to help! Our group cycle begins in September and ends in May. The best way to connect is to sign up during our “Community Group Reboot” every September.

During the middle of the year we will be forming groups through the church office as needed. You can email, call or just stop in and we will get you started.


I still have some questions, how do I find out more about Community Groups?

If you have more questions email Pastor Paul – paul.davis@calvaryb.org